Summertime in Tower Hamlets

With Summer in full flow, Tower Hamlets has been bustling with shoots with exciting productions across the borough. From Commercials to big Feature Films, there’s nothing the Tower Hamlets Film Office haven’t seen this season. Check out a few of the latest below!


Health and beauty retailer Boots came to us looking for a location to double as Notting Hill Carnival. Tower Hamlets have a fantastic wide range of parks that were offered up as locations, to which Millwall Park was decided as the favourite and most workable. The production then took to the park for a days filming to stage 50 cast members partying and dancing. This many people in a park takes careful planning and consultation but with such things in place the shoot went smoothly and looks fabulous in the ad. Check it out below and lookout for Millwall Park!

Google Pixel 

Check out the below advert featuring the always popular Victoria Park  The production took to the East Side of the park to film a commercial for Google Pixel’s new ‘magic eraser’ tool which allows you to edit things out of your photos in one swift motion. Victoria Park is a fantastic location that is widely loved by both residents, tourists and productions; it’s one of London’s most important historic parks and its oldest public park. The East Side, showcased in this ad has many great features such as the bandstand, skatepark, adventure playground and old English garden.

National Lottery

The National Lottery also took to Victoria Park to film their latest add ‘The Chase’. This endearing ad follows a lost lottery ticket that flies out of the winners hands before gathering up quite the crowd who finally manage to return it to the winner. The production took to the east side of the park with around 100 cast and crew to film the suspenseful scene in which the ticket nearly gets swept up by a road sweeper. Productions of this scale require attentive preparation and management which allowed the shoot to run smoothly – check out the ad below!

See How They Run 

See How They Run is an upcoming murder mystery feature film set in 1950s London, where plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered. The production had a large presence in the borough last year filming across many of our fantastic locations such as Antill Terrace, Redchurch Street and Wilton’s Music Hall.

Shooting a film set 70 years ago doesn’t come without it’s challenges with period scenes and fake snow / rain. Scenes of this nature require a great deal of planning including liaising with local businesses and council departments including the Tower Hamlets Highways department. It is key when filming in such a busy area like this to maintain the fine balance between allowing productions to push the boundaries of creativity on their shoot, whilst making sure the impact on local businesses and residents in the area is kept to a minimum in order to keep filming sustainable in the future.

Olwyn Hinds, the Film Officer on the job said, “Pulling off a shoot of this nature can bring it’s challenges. Working across multiple departments and with the right consultation in place the shoot went smoothly and it was fantastic to get a film such as this in the borough”. We can’t wait to see what the film looks like when it comes out in September of this year check out the trailer below!

Rose Gray – Cupid 

Blink Productions took to the Cranbrook Estate to film the latest music video of artist Rose Gray for her new single ‘Cupid’. This filming including many interesting elements such as a cupid mannequin being tied to a lamppost, love potions flying through the air and some fun VFX of small smoke bombs as cupid appeared and disappeared from the estate. Check it out below!

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