A Tale of Two Cities in Towers

On a mission to show its commitment to making a better-connected Britain, BT has launched its biggest brand campaign in more than 20 years, “Beyond limits”, featuring a TV commercial, out-of-home activity and a new identity. For its TV Commercial the production were looking for a variety of green controllable spaces and picturesque London streets. The production got in contact with the Tower Hamlets Film Office, managed by the Film Office to facilitate this complicated shoot and shot in various locations across the borough including around the beautiful street of Calvert Avenue, and in various parks in the borough including Bethnal Green Gardens, Wapping Rose Gardens and Wapping Gardens.

The TV Spot Created by renowned production company, Saatchi & Saatchi, begins with a schoolgirl reciting Charles Dickens’ classic opening from A Tale of Two Cities as she walks through various British streets. Set to Blinded by Your Grace, Pt 2 by Stormzy, it goes on to showcase Britain’s technological advances over the past few decades, from CCTV and Tube advancements to the emergence of broadband. The spot ends as the girl enters her tech-savvy classroom – a nod to BT’s Barefoot programme, which trains teaches with coding and other computing skills in schools across the UK. So far, 70,000 teachers have benefited from the initiative, reaching more than two million children in total, and BT plan to give up to 5 million kids the tech skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

Olwyn Hinds, the Film Officer on the job commented “Organising a shoot of this scale, with 6 locations across 2 days involves its complexities and difficulties. Imperative to achieving a successful shoot is creating a balance between accommodating the production and managing the impact on the local area. Pre-production involved liaising with multiple residents and businesses in the local areas, including brokering donations to support the important work they carry out in their respective communities, across the various locations to achieve a smooth shoot, and it was fantastic to see all the hard work come to fruition on the day. We live in a digital age now, which means people more than ever need to be tech savvy, so its great to see an initiative like this train up young people to be successful in this technology driven world.”

Mike Baldock, the Location Manager on the job commented “From the very first briefing we were asked to look for cool, urban locations to set the scene for our heroine’s walk to school, and we knew we’d be shooting at least part of this advert in Tower Hamlets. Amongst other areas it ended up being very heavy on Shoreditch locations. It was a challenging shoot – we were a big crew that needed a lot of control at each location, and as is the case on most commercials we were very pushed for lead time. But with the help of The Film Office we got there in the end and the shoot was a great success.”

Marc Allera, chief executive of BT’s consumer division, said. “The ‘Beyond limits’ campaign represents a real shift for BT, inside and out, our presence and scale across the UK means that we have an opportunity and responsibility to go further than ever to connect more people and businesses across the UK, help them make the most out of the technology they have and equip them with the skills they need to shape the future.

Check out the ad below, and follow the link here to find out more about BT’s initiative.

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