We top off our summer events at Mudchute with Big Tent Ideas Festival!

August 31st 2019 saw the Big Tent Ideas Festival at Mudchute Park & Farm!

The Big Tent Ideas Festival is a non-party political forum for people of all political persuasions and none, to come, hear and join in on the debates on the important issues of our time.

The festival’s aim is to promote open, well-informed, civilised debate as a key part of renewing mainstream democracy.

The festival has been held once in 2017, and we were excited to close our summer events at Mudchute welcoming it to Tower Hamlets!

With over 2000 people from all sorts of backgrounds & beliefs coming together on a sunny Saturday debating topics, Big Tent Ideas quickly became known across London.

George Freeman MP is Chair of the Conservative Policy Forum, and is MP for Mid-Norfolk who helped put together the festival commented, “If, as we believe, the UK is undergoing a fundamental realignment of our political economy – like in the 1940s and the 1970s – that will recast our politics for the next 50 years, it is essential that we listen to the voices of the pioneering thinkers and doers, from all mainstream political persuasions (and none). As such, we are preparing a range of exciting talks, presentations of new data, insights and best practice on new models of leadership and innovation in both public and private sector.”

BBC news covered BigTentIdeas by Asad Ahmed describing how the festival BigTent19 “promotes the respectful sharing of opposing political views”.

Adrian Usher of the Met Police spoke about how festivals such as these are addressing the worrying abuse politicians receive around big milestones like Brexit, “Some of this abuse is absolutely foul… it’s personal… threatening… and designed to make people fearful and in some cases it does.”

Emily Gunn, The Film Officer who helped put the festival at Mudchute said, “This is the first political festival held at Mudchute Farm and it worked perfectly. The backdrop of the financial district towering in the background of the food stalls and supported speakers gave the London ambiance. Tower Hamlets is, like London, always changing and adapting and it’s great to welcome a forum for big ideas to have people speak about an open and optimistic future. We hope to have them back next year, with I’m sure many new topics to debate!”

The festival rounds off some fantastic events at Mudchute Farm this year putting the Farm on the map for future events in London!

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