Mile End Skate Park

Tower Hamlets | Parks and Gardens , Sport & Leisure | Ref: 2638

Mile End Skate Park offers a variety of bowls, ramps, ledges and grind rails with urban views.

Mile End Skate Park is London's most highly regarded skatepark amongst the capital's skateboard community. It is centrally located and its design features echo contemporary skateboard trends and styles. There is also an all-weather skateboard facility on-site situated in a railway arch next to the skate park that can be utilised for all weather shoots.

We are committed to the belief that filming does not place unreasonable demands on the skate park or users and therefore have highlighted the usage levels of the skatepark to help plan filming at this location:

Mon, Tue & Wed - Low usage

Thur & Fri - Medium usage

Sat & Sun - High usage

We recommend that filming at the location be planned within the hours of 06:00 - 12:00 in order to minimise disruption and impact, and help have your request granted.